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Always honor the code of ethics

That is the fluffy tiger massage way.


Is greatly appreciated.  The best tip you can give us is the referral of your family, friends, and colleagues.


All sessions are prepaid and all payments are final.  fluffy tiger massage DO NOT refund payments.  This encourages you to have a full commitment to your health and wellness, and respectful of your time and our time.
Request to reschedule via email or text within 24 hours of an appointment shall be honored. Less than 24 hours will result in forfeiting your session unless proof of an emergency is provided.
Unless you have notified us via email or text one hour before your appointment, your session is forfeited if you are not present 10 minutes after your scheduled appointment.  If you have notified us of being late, your session will be honored minus the tardy time.


All appointment requests can be made online. Please contact us via email/text/direct message/private message for faster response.  IN REGARDS to coronavirus I do not require you to wear PPE, nor have extra paperwork/waiver for you to sign to excuse me of any liability should you contract coronavirus from visiting my office.    Kindly note you are coming to my practice for therapeutic purposes, at your own will, you shall be responsible for all/any health risks/results during these strange times.  This is a two way street for grown, responsible adults, conducting an honest transaction with one another.  Our words and actions shall be our contract.  Please do not schedule an appointment if you are not comfortable.  


All clients under the age of 18 need to have a parental/guardian consent form signed to receive Massage Therapy at fluffy tiger massage. Guardians must be present in the session.  


As a client of fluffy tiger massage, you have a choice to be clothed or not during your therapeutic session. When unclothed, you shall be draped during your therapeutic session.


Inappropriate behavior or request for sexual service will result in immediate termination of your therapeutic session with fluffy tiger massage. You will not be happy if you request for a happy ending.

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