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Welcome to fluffy tiger massage

Nick Van Ngo, LMBT
North Carolina License #15519
Massachusetts License #12757

NCBTMB Approved Provider #1684

My name is Nick Van Ngo, Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist, Oncology Massage Therapist, and National Board Certified CEU provider for Cupping Therapy.  I have been practicing massage therapy since 2005. My path to this field was inspired by observing an Oncology Massage Therapist working on my sick mother who was fighting thyroid cancer. When traditional treatments and medications failed to make my mother feel comfortable, massage therapy did. It was simply amazing to witness the effect of massage therapy which made my mother feel comfortable, relaxed, and able to have periods of rest without pain.

With a commitment to continuous improvement personally and professionally through continuing education, my practice of massage therapy has evolved into an East meets West style and philosophy to achieve the client's goal of therapeutic healing and relaxation.  Business identity chosen as fluffy tiger massage is a metaphor to who I am, the various styles of massage that I offer to meet your wellness goal. I can administer a light touch to soothe and comfort clients with a medical condition such as fibromyalgia, cancer, other acute and chronic illnesses, this is fluffy. On the other end, I can deliver liberation from muscle tension caused by myofascial trigger points with acupressure and deep tissue work, this is the tiger. 

My commitment is to do right by you, in every aspect.  You will NEVER see a gimmicky marketing campaign to lure you in.  Transparent, fair pricing​ for quality and effective service.  No add-on or enhancing fees.  Do you want essential oils? You got it.  Do you want cupping therapy (traditional or modern)? You got it.  Do you want deep tissue? You got it.  Do you want Gua-Sha (aka scraping or IASTM) therapy? You got it.  Do you want stretch therapy? You got it.  Yep, the same price.  Hot towels? It comes standard.  My practice will NEVER nickel and dime you.    

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