• We pour our candles for those with odor/scent sensitivity.  Especially for those journeying through cancer.
  • We only use 100% natural soy wax made in USA.
  • We only use woodwick made in USA.  They are organic, non-toxic, and excellent for hot throw while providing a natural ambience with crackling sound while burning.
  • We invest in woodwicks that are naturally processed and sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified mills and manufactured in the USA.
  • Eco-friendly clean burning.
  • Our scents are phthalate free and naturally infused with essential oils. Similar to bisphenol (BPA), phthalate is an industrial chemical used to soften plastics and many other applications including cosmetics and children toys.  Research on animal studies has shown damage of the liver, kidneys, lungs and reproductive system. Source: Department of Environmental Health Sciences, University of Michigan School of Public Health.
  • No glue or adhesive used to hold wick to container.
  • We hand-pour, weigh and label every single candle.
  • When burn properly, our 8oz tin (7.0oz +/- 0.1 of candle) has approximately 45 hours of burn time or 30 consecutive burn hours.
  • When burn properly, our 4oz tin (3.5oz +/- 0.1 of candle) has approximately 25 hours of burn time or 16 consecutive burn hours.
  • We customize! Do you have your own favorite scent? Candles as a party favor? Why not?! Email us your request.
  • Our candles are 100% made in Raleigh, North Carolina. USA

Sunset Orange Natural Candle

    • Allow for a full melt pool across the surface that goes all the way to the edge of container on first burn .
    • Pick off burnt tip of wick before re-lighting
    • Tilt candle while lighting to allow heat to draw wax through the wick for sufficient burning.
    • Follow all candle safety warnings on label.
    • ​My wick won’t light - Woodwick light slower than cotton wick.  Hold your lighter or match to the wick for 10-15 seconds to fully light the woodwick.
    • My candle is drowning - This is known as tunneling where your wick burns straight down the center without creating a full melt pool.  If your candle is tunneling, follow these steps to remedy it:
    • if your candle will stay lit, give it a good long burn until all the wax is melted to the edge of the jar. The flame height will vary, but as long as there is still a burn, it should continue to create a melt pool.  Be patient.
    • If your candle won’t stay lit, use a paper towel or napkin to soak up some of the excess wax.  Then wait for a minute or so, relight your candle, and repeat until your wick has room to breathe!
    • Prevention!  Allow for a full melt pool across the surface that goes all the way to the edge of container on first burn
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